Members Discount Cards


How the discount card system works:


● There are two prices for food and drink: a price to members and a higher price to non-members.


● Your card has a unique reference number, which will enable you to buy food and drink at the lower, discounted, price.


● To take advantage of the system you must first put some money on the card. This can be done at the bar at any time.


● The money deposited will be held on your account until you make a purchase when you will receive a print-out showing the items purchased, the non-members’ price, the discount earned, the actual price paid and the amount left on the card. The card can be topped up at any time.




● You may use the card to buy food and drink for your guests.


● If you do not use the card you will be charged at the higher non-member’s price.


● You will not lose your money if you lose the card because your account details are held on the Club’s main data base. The Club will, however make a replacement charge of £5.00.

Closure of

Hartley Country Club

from 21st March 2020

due to COVID-19


In line with the Government directive we regret Hartley Country Club will be closed from Saturday 21st March until further notice.


Hartley Country Club is a unique community which the Board of Directors is determined and committed to preserve and will do everything in it’s powers to ensure when we do re-open we will come back even better and stronger.


At this time we ask for your continued support and reassure you we will be working in this enforced period of closure to ensure costs are controlled and the Club is taken care of.


In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and healthy and look forward to seeing you back at the Club when we get through this surreal situation.


 The Board and Staff of HCC




With regret, following the Prime Minister's latest announcement detailing the 'lock-down' of the country, we have to cancel the proposed meal take-away service.

Ultimately the health and well-being of our members is uppermost in our minds and the arrangements we had to put in place for collection of orders would not guarantee this.  We apologise for the late notice but as you are all aware this is a very fast moving situation.

Culvey Close, Hartley, Kent, DA3 8BS

Telephone: 01474 702176 (office)  01474 709030 (bar)