Members Discount Cards


How the discount card system works:


● There are two prices for food and drink: a price to members and a higher price to non-members.


● Your card has a unique reference number, which will enable you to buy food and drink at the lower, discounted, price.


● To take advantage of the system you must first put some money on the card. This can be done at the bar at any time.


● The money deposited will be held on your account until you make a purchase when you will receive a print-out showing the items purchased, the non-members’ price, the discount earned, the actual price paid and the amount left on the card. The card can be topped up at any time.




● You may use the card to buy food and drink for your guests.


● If you do not use the card you will be charged at the higher non-member’s price.


● You will not lose your money if you lose the card because your account details are held on the Club’s main data base. The Club will, however make a replacement charge of £5.00.

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